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Passionate About Helping Others

ANF Finance Solutions was started by Nereda Manion because she saw a real need for financial education, personal finance coaching, and help with business start-up and planning. People were reaching out to her for help in these areas and she wanted to come up with strong programs that would help them and anyone else.


Nereda is passionate about Business for Self. As a child she grew up on her family's dairy farm and her dad taught her that if you are doing what you love, you are never working. She's lucky to do what she loves as an entrepreneur.

After high school Nereda began a career in Real Estate, both as an employee and then as an independent Realtor. She loved finding a way to market herself and the properties. In 2009 she started almost 10 years off to raise her family. However, even with seven children to raise, her entrepreneurial spirit took hold and she joined an up-and-coming direct sales company. She excelled with this venture, building a large team and achieving many incentives and awards. With her amazing team at her side, she reached #3 in Personal Sales and #5 in Team Sales in all of Canada.

Her love of Real Estate and helping people called Nereda back to the office in 2017, this time as a Mortgage Agent. Her Ask Nereda First (ANF) slogan started as a tagline, but has proved to be the foundation of her business.

To add on to her years of experience, Nereda is currently working towards her Accredited Financial Counsellor Certification.

Nereda has helped many many friends and family, including her teenage son, get their businesses up and running, work through budgets, develop marketing plans, and so much more. Along with her team she brings years of experience in finances to the table and can help you reach your goals.

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