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Ornament for Mental Health Campaign

Last week I heard on the radio that 1 in 5 people will experience a mental health problem or illness in any given year. This stat was given along with an awareness campaign around No Health Without Mental Health. If you’re as old as I am you will remember social studies classes teaching about stresses in life, and how if you have more than one stressor, you’re at a greater risk of not coping.  Some of the stressors included moving, starting a new job, the death of a loved one, and the list went on. As a teenager I remember laughing and thinking, “whatever, probably a coping technique,” however unhealthy THAT was, it was a coping mechanism to avoid the reality of life.  


The radio campaign got me to thinking about how many of us this year have experienced more than one stressor. Loss of hours at work due to protocol, having a spouse at home all the time, no matter how much we love them or having them home less as they work to keep their job and keep us safe. Starting a new business just as the pandemic hit (hmm…this doesn’t ring a bell at all). Starting a new job, or for that matter two or three new jobs as we fight to provide for our families. And oh wait, figure out how to do that with home school/no school or online school that changes constantly.  It got me to thinking that, honestly, that 1 in 5 stat is probably closer to 1 in 2 this year.   Twenty years ago when my first husband left I thought my world had ended. I still remember my doctor talking me through it and reminding me that major life changes can cause imbalance of chemicals in our brain and sometimes we need help. This help wasn’t easy to ask for at that time, but now when I look back on it I think, “Wow, I got through it” and I’m so glad I did.  


You may wonder where this message is going and why I’m telling you all of this. You might even be wondering if I’m losing it. Well, I can admit this year has been tough, but I’m thankful for the people in my life and also my business that helps me every day to have a focus and a purpose. This year I wanted to do something big because I truly find giving to others is one of the most healing therapies, so I’m excited to launch our Ornament for Mental Health Campaign! This will run yearly with new and unique ornaments each year.    


We will be selling these ornaments from today until November 30th, or until we run out.  The ornaments sell for $25, with all the profits ($10 per ornament) from every purchase going to support two amazing mental health organizations: The Grey Bruce Friends and Neighbours (FAN) Club and A Friendly Voice. I chose these two organizations as they reach young kids and seniors, two groups that are very impacted by the confusion and isolation the pandemic has caused.


We are taking this campaign one step further though. If you buy a bulb (or two or three) and want to gift it to a person who lives within 40 km of Durham (West Grey), Ontario, we will hand deliver it for you wrapped and gift tagged (all hand made with the message you request)! I mean honestly, what could be better than being able to be Secret Santas for you?!   These deliveries will be made during the second and third weeks of December and my wonderful staff, Rebecca and Anne, will be helping me deliver them. That’s right, we will close the office for this, and we honestly can’t wait!


If you’d like to get some beautiful ornaments and support these wonderful organizations, please complete the order form at https://forms.gle/BYDaLL1LaAUC7Hri9.

Thank you!

~ Nereda Manion

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