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This is an exciting series that I can’t wait for you to get started reading, learning, and implementing. It’s going to make a massive difference in your business dreams because it’s all about Branding and Developing Your Brand. You’re going to learn why branding is essential and how branding involves all aspects of your business. First, let’s learn what a brand is.

What is a Brand?

If you look at the dictionary definition (dictionary.com) of a brand, it seems boring and maybe even unimportant.

Ø “a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.”

Ø “a brand name.”

Ø “a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.”

It goes on and on in this vein. But the truth is, in marketing, a brand is so much more than just your mark or logo or what you call your business. It starts with that, but it’s got a lot more to do with the feelings your marks, words, logos, and ideas evoke to your ideal audience.

Because of this, when it comes to branding and developing a brand, you’re going to want to “brand” more than your logo and mark - like your voice, your personality, your niche, and more. Everything you do signals the way you want people to think of your business, and if your brand is personal, you.

In many ways, your brand is the voice or personality of your business. Representing the way that you want the world, and especially your audience, to see you and think of you is how you brand yourself. This occurs through the colors, fonts, images, words, and temperament you share with your audience through your content.

Branding Involves Giving Your Business a Personality

If you think of your business as a person, sometimes you may get confused between yourself and your business. Sometimes your company and you are one and the same, this happens a lot with life coaches, consultants, and those who use their name as their primary business name, and they consider their business one and the same. That’s perfectly fine to do it that way.

For some business owners, this can be confusing because you don’t want your business only to be associated with your name, you, and your personality. You want to build something that can be successful without you being involved someday. Therefore, you should assign a personality to your business that is separate from yourself, starting with choosing the right name for your business. The personality you choose should be attractive to your ideal customer.

Choose a name that fits the personality you want to convey. Choose a design for your website and business that fits that personality, too. Think of how you want the business to communicate. Do you want to be serious or perhaps you like the idea of your business persona being a funny, irreverent wisecracker? It totally depends, of course, on your audience, what you do for them, and how you want them to feel about your business.

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